Musical Love Serene

Poetry is what makes me whole and keeps me sane all at the same time. You are born a poet, a storyteller, it is a part of what you are, a great gift from God. You can be taught to put words on paper, only those with a poet's Soul can make you feel those words deeply! I hope all of you feel me. :-)

Tonight I put my womanly pride aside
Standing in the inside of my own mind
Feeling like a stranger to the
Beating of my heart
Tonight you get a real part
This is where we start
An alluring sound from
A harps sharp note
Crystal clear, ice air, pink passion, yellow gaze the
Last of the wicked romances is
Finally in play
Feeling as wonderful as I do
I could truly touch the sky with you
Our souls mingling together can
Create a rhapsody of the mind
Together in a lovers embrace
We just might find
Our warm, sticky, secret place
This is not just another passing phase the
Lyrics are written clearly in
My lovers gaze
Trying to wait and
Hold on to a living dream is
Enough to make a
Woman lose her mind and
Scream but
This is of course musical love serene
Making musical love with you
Caressing my heart
All the lonely parts
Making me feel silky smooth as
The music turns to a jazzy groove
Love is felt deep
Swirling softly, swirling gently in the
Emotional pool
Through a tunnel I hear a pendulum beat
Expansion of my heart
Moving through all my parts
Moving through the
Making all the right connections
Touching my heart in
Many directions
Moving my mind in
Silent reflection
Nowhere to hide is
Love finally on my side?
Moving through the fiber of my being
Letting out all the things I hide
Exposing all things unseen
This is musical love serene

10 February 2009