Neil McLeod

Mrs. Galina B.

Born in Oxford, raised in Kenya, past winner of Los Slamgeles Poetry Slam and author of abitingchance.blogspot.comand "The First Thanksgiving".Doctor McLeod is a performing poet who has recited at Highland Games, dinners and Burns Nights for the last 36 years. He is happily married, lives and works…

Mrs. Galina B.
Mrs. Galina Berezovsky is our Russian piano teacher here in Hollywood

Mrs. Galina, as everyone knows
Came here from Ukraine, in the land of the snows.
She came here with manuscripts, folios, scores
She got off the plane and she took them indoors.
She set them up neatly by piano and wall
Ready as needed to teach to us all.
Mrs. Galina, I'm happy to say
Came here from Ukraine to teach us to play.

Mrs. Galina, we're all well aware
Will make you sit straight with your wrists in the air,
And fingers extended, that's what she will teach
Over the keys and show you to reach
The chords and the scales in fine repetition
And classical pieces for your erudition.
Yes, Mrs Galina she sits there all day
She came here from Ukraine to teach us to play.

Mrs. Galina, we thank her each time
We hear the sweet notes of a willowing line
From the score of a master we love to recall
Pouring out from a piano in parlor or hall.
We judge the dynamics, we know when its right
We can tell when the tempo is sloppy or tight.
And the reason we do, I'm so happy to say
Is that Mrs. Galina has taught us to play.