Siddharth Singh

Moving On

By the river fall
I have ceased to recall
Her serene face
Or the charm of her grace
Is a jewel of the past for me
Her gift makes me happy
While I sit on the stones
They are sharp and cold
Are the results of the brook's force
When its rage was on its course
That couldn't be pacified
When people had been impelled for the wrong choice
And abandoned the shore
That entailed a haven they adored
Is now filled with landslides
After their wasted time
Was the extent the righteous fate could provide
To thwart the irreversible result of their crimes
That I am tempting to dissipate
By pondering about the empty state
Carelessly filling it with pictures of past
And searching the burned links to fast
To anchor on the submerged ground
That's nowhere to be found
While overlooking a favourable tide
Because it will take me on a ride
And meet all the lands
Where I could viably stand
After when I survived
Its attempts to submerge my mind
As a product of what is burned
Something significant that could never return
But its flames will ever last
Because it was my colourful past

Copyright 2013

Landslides are the results of carefree misuse of nature that depletes it from its resistance to anomalies (like enormous rain). This annotation is not intended to point towards any particular interpretation