Most Awaited Guest

Leisurely relaxing by my window,

Observing people on the path

And sipping hot tea,

As the sun retreats after its daylong toil

Is truly a godsend panorama.

Yesterday as the sun moved down

Accidentally glimpsed the plants in my garden

They were shaking their leaves in rhythm,

Eagerly welcoming some royal guest.

Vibrant flora danced for an unheard song.

A happy sensation flooded my garden,

Dispersing extremely slender cool breeze,

Forming goose bumps all over my body.

Bashful Sun hid behind clouds,

Yet sneaking to steal a look at his kid

Moved by this spectacular view,

Took a deep breathe.

Oh! What’s this lovable aroma?

It pacified my turbulent mind.

Intense white lights flickered;

Rocking music on track;

Sending chills down my spine.

I too joined hands

Welcoming my most awaited guest

She touched me with love and care

Washing away my filth

Turning me into a pure soul

Thank you my dear RAIN