Amir Samji

More concentrate with insight; higher you may fly

I had a lovely night; spent in search of Lord
To enjoy more; was sailing on spiritual boat
As thoughts focus on; divine window unlock
If bless on; will show you divine place to dock

It's very slow in pace; but will take you to space
It's a divine bounty; no need to be in any race
Practice but is not your right; comes with grace
Continue spiritual search; but do not hard press

When bless; takes to journey of million of miles
Can see; who were you; who will be; in your files
More concentrate with insight; higher you may fly
Practice hard; it base on mercy of divine desire

Think; close; but still far away; thousands of miles
It's a very enjoyable spiritual journey in novel style
Will make more humble; towards divine to incline
It's a powerful divine vehicle; spiritually to thrive

Will find qualities of prophets in; if blink the light
As spiritual spark touch heart; make you to fly
This is your eternal place to live; a permanent life
You hit your destiny; arrived at paradise of delight