You have been there since my first day.
For all the good,
For all the bad.
For the laughter,
And the sad.

But Alas I can not say,
That I will be there on your day.
For little things have conspired,
To keep me from flying out your way.

So instead I send this greeting,
A poem on this day of meeting.
Your two souls shall join today,
In a life that's far too fleeting.

I wish you both the happiness,
That can only come from joined bliss.

And to you sir, that takes her hand,
I hope that you will understand.

As you take her by your side,
And you caller her your fair bride,
Be kind to her and care for her,
And you two shall weather any tide.

For strong of will she is, my mother,
She is a woman unlike any other.
She has dark fears and glorious hopes,
She bore me, my sister, and my brother.

She raised us up as best she could,
Far better then any other would.
For she loved us at all times,
And now she loves you as she should.

And to all those there on this day,
I say to you, smile, come what may.
This joining is blessed by the eldest son.
I here by give
my mother

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