tj hatton

Mocking bird (free verse)

I thought I heard
A mocking bird calling
From a tree
When I looked up
I saw
That he was looking
Down at me
Why do you call me
Mocking bird
Is that all you can do
Can't you find another tree
And call
On someone new
Mocking bird
O mocking bird why do you
Sing your song
Don't you know
My own true love
Has left me
She's gone
Mocking bird
O mocking bird
Do you hear my plea
Go and find
Somebody else I'm grieving
Don't you see
Mocking bird
O mocking bird
Your tune is soft and deep
Do you
Hear me weeping
As your singing whilst you peep
Do you mock me
Mocking bird
Because I'm sad and blue
Or is it simply
Just because
Your sad and lonely too
If I could
Hold my love again
Would you
Still sound the same
Or am I
Searching my own soul
Someone else to blame

  20/02/13 TjHatton.