EP Haridasan

Missed Opportunities

Hails from Kerala,India.I am 64 years old,retired from Goverment service ,presently settled in Delhi.My wife is a home maker.We have two sons,both settled in life.By virtue of my job,I have widely travelled across the country and few place abroad too.We are now leading a very happy and peaceful lif…

Born and brought up in a joint family,
A large family of nearly thirty odd members,
My early childhood days were enjoyable,
Leading a life incognito even among relatives.
We had every thing available with in the house,
Educationists, artists, musicians and what not,
Opportunities were aplenty to excel in any field,
Materials were available and so were facilities,
People were there to guide you , to teach you,
But as ill luck would have it, I was careless,
Careless to all such productive goals and,
Turned my attentions to all negative skills.
Now I realise my loss those missed opportunities,
The opportunities I carelessly threw away.


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