Richard Stephan

Midnight afterbirth at noon

I trip on the light fantastic, from the northside of Chicago to the northside of California, i'm nationwide & worldwide...all in my own tiny mind. Enjoy the day, the week, viva la loca! S M I L E always... ;-) P L E A S E FEEL FREE TO COPY & PASTE my personal blog spot *PHILOSOPHIA* LINK into your …

Unfathomable delight in the whirling matrix of a concerto
Nothing is better than the riffs of rhythmic divinity in fluxless light
Except the humane occult expression of the theoretical fiasco
Life and death in pond scum on the dinner table of pride and might.

Right and left uppercuts to the unmasked ghost miss the marks
All power points and essential properties of the genius, shocked barks
Of dogs, women and animated fauna fearing reaper's dead heartbeating Termination being quantitative quality of the only reason to fear and sing.

c. June 15, 2014 Father's Day