Stephanie Mishon Clark

Mental Scar

My name is Stephanie and I am 37 yrs. old & I have a loving boyfriend named Brandon. I have been writing ever since my freshman year in high school (1999). Most of these poems on here are ones that I wrote years ago. Writing is my second passion that I do when I need to pour out my feelings abo…

I screamed for help, I begged for you to stop but you paid me no mind,

I kicked you, I fought you; shouldn't that have been a big enough sign,

You held my hands and pinned down my legs just so you could get some,

I got loose and I got strength; where at first I didn't know where from,

You gave up, I hurried and got up and begged you to take me home,

You took me home, I cut you off and everything I felt for you was gone,

I have flashbacks, I have dreams of what you done and the evil person you are,

It's been six months since then and I'm still left with this mental scar.