Men are MICE and Women are Kittens...

Men are MICE and Women are Kittens...
By: Jessalin Lam

Men are the MICE
and we eat them with RICE
carefully with a CHOPSTICK
with caution as we PICK
and wonder if we have the right ONE
who respects us to get it DONE

Women are the sexy KITTENS
are stay warm with lovely MITTENS
and purr as LOUD
and as PROUD
as they are for their MAN
as he dries off her hotness in a FAN

The combination of the TWO
will be to solve this love CLUE
of who likes who MORE
and share their love HARDCORE
as we are happy to SMILES
and keep your heart in my FILES

like the Miss Independent WOMAN
with a successful business PLAN
who is sexy, SMART
and organized with a pure gold HEART.
She is smoking hot and on FIREs
and powerful as a CEO who does the HIREs.

Kittens are Crazy and they never REGRET
the times we will learn to FORGET
as our careers come FIRST
no matter who you think is better or WORST
Because this is always FUN
since girls just like to shine and soak up the SUN.