Edward Gonzalez

memorable when R.I.P

I see love n life in new ways now that im truly awake these daysWich have led me to write with sway.

a great magnificent colorful earthly tomb
a remembering of an old sweet melody & lofty tune
forsaken lilys & daisies under the sun out in a dune

for memory is forever unlike the presentation which is gone to soon
it washes away the moment into an experience made for you
part of the one thing that's remembered after death
 a soulful hue

fighting time from taking the precious greetings of people much
so fine are the first time meetings of the Times as such
the feeling of discovering gold in the forest on a dream or a hunch

visiting ancient accomplishments or walking through open furnishments
as we glide through this vegetation we fleshy firmaments
as the infinite spirit and finite body are divided to be used in pointless arguments

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