Jon Otano

Meet me halfway

The topics I write about are very diverse, so are the poetry styles I apply. I started writing poetry in high school in 05. I had written some poetry during class and showed some of my classmates who enjoyed it! I then was chosen to have my poetry in the school newspaper for each month! I done a lo…

I remember back in the days
 When you wouldn't even meet me halfway.
 Not street to street no destination.
 Where did you lay.

 On a very thin pad.
 With roaches and rats
 Feeling always sad
 As family lack communication.

 You told me Karma was a witch
 You stole from people.
 Now you trying to survive in a ditch
 Don't give me nothing, to understand your situation.

 You wear the same clothes
 As they grow bigger wholes
 You hand wash everything.
 Living in a poor location.

 You take walks takes forever
 To get where you want to be.
 You love the weather
 Can't handle it, feeling pain, frustration.