Measure Me In Seasons

Born and raised in Ireland. Lived in the UK and Germany. Now living in NYC.

The seasons have changed, around and inside me.
But, the heat I feel comes from you and not the summer sun.
We long for rainy days spent in bed exploring each other's bodies.
Summer will pass into autumn and the intensity of new love will cool.
Autumn will arrive and wrap it's colours around us,
like the towel you held me in on the beach.
When winter comes we will be used to each other,
you'll fit me like the sweater I got from last year's love.
It's summer now though,
and we are new and hopeful as the daffodils were in spring.
I need the comfort of your arms,
even on the long hot nights
when the fan teases us with the coolness September promises.
Do I know you long enough to measure you in seasons?
Do the seasons measure how we change?
Will you stay home and read with me in the autumn and warm my hands in the winter?
Will you walk with me in the park next spring?
Will you watch my skin change with kisses from next summer's sun?