Lucian Tower

Maybe it'Ll come to be

I began writing Lyrics, short stories, and poetry some 43-years-ago. When I was in high school, during the 60s, I met the great Robert Frost. He spoke to me about my real elementary attempts at writing and poetry. He took some time with me, after assembly hall and told me to not stop writing. Now, …

The cats are raising hell again,
knocking things down
that I have to pick-up.
Especially being late in reaction
to their meowing for their sup,
or if I show not enough affection.

Not very much difference
between my kids and they;
the facts are they're about the same.
Except the kids always were fed,
although my actions
were always to blame,
especially when work demanded attention.

You know! I should really know this
not having my real father about...
My Grandparents did their best,
however I don't remember receiving a kiss.
Being a Dad was learning from mistakes
hopefully I did my best: more give than takes?

One day I'll finally understand,
and be respected as the Dad I am.
Until then I'll move through life,
hoping I didn't destroy their sacrifice.
So many changes I have seen about me.
The love I missed, maybe it'll come to be.

Mitakuye Oyasin! Aho!