Jawahar Gupta

May one day I know

 =============== ===
 Good luck for your words
 But I admit your imagery
 Being different to me
 May one day I know the
 Exact meaning of your words

 I love the way
 You tied the emotion
 When some one spins around
 Air,wind or breeze
 Metaphor changes into person
 Of sweet subtle story
 How art and real life
 Mingles so seamlessly
 Very wistful soul searching

 I laughed at first
 Then I ponder your words
 How beautiful thought was
 An enigma hue with richness
 Without any attachment, awakens
 The passions for some one

 Twisted in thinking hiking
 On track of cold December
 When he had his journey ,
 To feel free air,wind or breeze
 Carrying the existence around
 To enjoy both way Breathe and Pause
 ~~~~~Jawahar Gupta ~~~

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