Jillian Veitenheimer

Master Puppeteer

My writing is a way for things to flow out of me that I didn't even know was within me. By sharing it with all the other poets out there I can rebuild my strength in myself. I can free my soul and let it soar in the stars. Let the wind rip me free of the being that carries my emotions. Poetry is my…

Can you comprehend the surveillance?
Recognize the Cyclopean that is manipulation
Suffer as fingertips osculate the doll
Your existence in cadence with its animation
Answers painted upon the walls of elucidation
Yet enveloped within a sadistic façade

If only mortification was your apparatus
Feasible would be your liberation
To fracture your damnation of kismet
Your oblivious disposition maintains insurance
Of my authentic ipseity concealment
Penetration of veracity remains abeyant

You confine my chassis to a line
An unhindered, forward faced, entity
Blasphemy, impudence, and your curse
 Liquescent, manumitted, and your marquis
Flashbacks of lifetimes past, occurred moments ago
Destiny of a soul, iota of my jest

Your obstinate and averse species
Enslaved to stigmas of my amusement
My merited eponyms you endow to others
Fate, karma, spirit, soul mate, life and death
All components, all puppets in my phenomenon
For I am the Master Puppeteer, I am Time

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