Dana Moon

Mary Maclary

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(Yeah - Adults only - natch!)

Mary Maclary
70's bush
h0rny & hairy
Magnificent toosh

On moped she'd travel
Vroom vroom 'round the town
She gave her love freely
No money down

Now, Mary had flaps,
longest anyone's seen
Local louts well acquainted
So by now, weren't that keen

She tucked them into cottontails, white
Worn under Daisy Dukes
Pulled up her crack, so short and tight
Made little old ladies puke

"That's DISGUSTING!" they'd exclaim
if they saw Mary walking
But riding on her moped,
The men for sure, were gawking!

She wore this get up every day
I swear, this story's true
As Macca is my witness
And coke comes from Peru

"Fred" & Mac location Cairns
The Pub, that night were drinking
Mary's plans for both of them
No Violet, was she, shrinking

"Geez mate, (said Fred)
I wouldn't be seen with that
Y'know everyone's been through 'er"
But giving her a lift back home,
He couldn't wait to do 'er!

But Macca was a Gentleman,
treated Mary like a lady
He didn't care what others thought
It was "Fred" who acted shady

The back of BIG ED'S Pick Up Truck
Pigeon chest puffed out
He pounced on little Mary
Alpha male goes first

Phew, thought good ol' Macca
"Fearless" saved the day
A raging case of herpes
For Fred's Sneaky power play

Macca didn't want to f*ck her
he was really being nice
For Fearless Fred's adventure
Syphilis and Pubic lice

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