Michelle Borel

Man & Beast

Proud to be from the beautiful twin isle of Trinidad and Tobago... One of my very first pieces was published when I was eight in one of Trinidad's daily newspapers. I believe that we must not bury our talents, but work on enhancing them. I started hosting shows at age eleven and by seventeen, I bec…

Could demon and angel co-exist?

Does the wheat not grow with the tares?

Who would ever believe under a bed of roses was the home of all my fears?

Man and monster share the same form
  Gravitating from an iceberg cold to a sea breeze warm.
  Yet, in all of us, is that not at times the norm?

North is as close to south, as east is as far from west
  And is it not that the one you hate at times becomes your love interest?
  Doesn't the mother who hatched the egg
  later push the bird from the nest?

Could the sun and rain share the sky?

Does not life and death lie in a trigger?

Who would ever believe that sweet grapes in time can taste bitter?

20th January, 2013.

Michelle Borel

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