Lucian Tower

Make it quit

I began writing Lyrics, short stories, and poetry some 43-years-ago. When I was in high school, during the 60s, I met the great Robert Frost. He spoke to me about my real elementary attempts at writing and poetry. He took some time with me, after assembly hall and told me to not stop writing. Now, …

There she be,
the sparkle in my eyes.
A brown haired lass looking at me;
and me with dirty hands and face...a working guy.

Wondering what she sees?
Me looking so out of sorts too.
I been hoping she'd give me a squeeze;
yes me, with a day-old stubble and scuffed shoes.

Truly interesting this infatuation:
The what ifs, the why mes, the mean its?
It's love...that's a serious situation.
However, nothing can overcome it, nor make it quit.