Jillian Veitenheimer


My writing is a way for things to flow out of me that I didn't even know was within me. By sharing it with all the other poets out there I can rebuild my strength in myself. I can free my soul and let it soar in the stars. Let the wind rip me free of the being that carries my emotions. Poetry is my…

In a meadow the wind blows
Bending the grass
Dancing to its will
Flowers of the wild bloom
Their beauty radiates
Daughters of Mother Nautre

 Wind kisses the trees
They giggle, rustling their leaves
Singing outloud for all to hear
Above the blue shines bright
Smiling down

The sun beams
Warming all below
Wings outstreched, explore the world
Chirping and gliding in joy

My heart warms
And butterflies swirl
All that I see
All that I feel
Is the magic you create

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