Lyrical Indivualtean Form (Form by Ian Sawicki)

I'm a 30-year old who suffers from Schizophrenia. Suffers, being the keyword. I am a tortured soul. I'm plagued with substance dependence and mental illness, which is also known as a dual diagnosis.Poetry was soothing when I was beginning to hit rock bottom. I felt as if I was at the end of my rope…

I always welcome a new form this day
Especially if it entails
Details full and rigid
I feel that modern free verse fails.
when it does not challenge me in a way
Like all great poets did

Bid Hello
For, if we meet
We have many things to share

Swear all you like, and voice your cares away
We can discuss our many tales
Paths are shrouded and hid
Hard work and help will tip the scales
I’m very curious on your take and say
On our modern day’s skid

Hidden glow,
Amongst elite,
Poets sadly forced to bear,

Their works being picked apart and scrutinized
Prized works are subjective. I’m not surprised.

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