William John

Lyric of Lust

I am born and brought up in Kerala state, in India. In Kerala, Thrissur city is my native place and now I am residing at Kadavoor village in Ernakulam district.I am a senior lawyer at The High Court of Kerala. Literary talents all dwelt in my blood from my very birth itself. From, while studying in…

When I met her, met her at once she told-;
“Shall I kiss you, once to hold?”
And she kissed me and kissed me to reap;
And caressed, caressed; oh deep, oh deep.
And she asked and asked on a harp,
“Shall I embrace, an embrace, oh pretty sharp?”
And she took me, took me in her arms,
And oh pressed to her bosom; no harm.
And she asked, she asked on a hidden laugh-
“Shall I thrust you to all my thrills to walk?”
Oh, she pushed me, pushed me to her pond,
There as a spineless fish to haunt.
And she asked me, asked me so thrilled-
“Shall I kill you, kill you to be killed?”
And she danced and danced so around,
And kept me in her lust to surround.

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