Krishnan Balasubramanian

Lunar Lunacy

Underneath the sapphire-veiled saree,
You hide your ravishing body
And just expose your gleaming face, Oh Moon!
What if you had exposed your whole body, will this
Whole world die of schizophrenic love with you!
Are you the solitary blossom in the celestial garden?
Are you the heavenly, silver, milky urn?
Or a geyser of love-nectar? Are you the metamorphosis
of the crimson disk at dawn, sunken into the blue sea,
chilled, quenching the red fire, and ascending
westward as a golden gleam?
When I see thee, my heart brims with ecstasy but
I find no words to pen my powerful feelings!
As if I am poverty-stricken, all my unremitting efforts
Flounder to find that one last spoon of pudding to quench
My insatiable hunger; there, what an eternal bliss it is, to find
An abounding pot of well-cooked white rice!
Oh that transcendental ecstasy is the joy of
just getting a glimpse of you, Oh Moon!