Brian Spivey

Love Surprise

I've been writing for nearly 40 years. It's been a good ride. Hope you enjoy. I have one series of poems that should be read together. "A Sad Fairy Tale", "Happily", "A New Fairy Tale Begins", and "The Result of True Love". As the Staler Brothers sang "Some I wrote for money, some I wrote for fun, …

Spring is in the air, life begins anew.
If life has one beginning, I began with you.
Like a barren desert, I existed without life.
I searched the world for love, finding only strife.
You waited while I wandered , a smile upon your face.
As if you knew the end of my solitary chase.
I searched for love and happiness far across the land.
I stumbled, would have fallen, but for your helping hand.
Your patience with me mirrors the power of your love.
My heart seeks like a hunting hawk, yours remains a dove.
Great tales are often told in song, or written in a book.
Great treasures are often found in places you don't look.
For even as I blindly searched, and often lost my way.
There beside me step by step was the one I love today.
I searched until you found me and opened up my heart.
I now can feel your presence even when we're far apart.
When spring is in the air, and life begins anew,
My life has one beginning, I'm nothing without you.