Kumar Kamal

Love Resurrection

Alaknanda flames in the love fire
Leapping in the love liquid!
Arti,so you thought,love could be bought w/
beauty and broth?!unremembered,unsought
Me you forgot faking the orgasms we shared,
You got!Deep in the stormy nights,while the
Sky poured Her Come down upon the Earth
So uncontrollably you bit me,bled me,rocked,
me;You left me:But the marks,the cuts remain,
witness the love-stamps,the love fingerprints
That You on me implanted permanently!
I wonder every now and then,if you have the
same Fun,undergo the same sportive twists &
turns that w/ me unfolded,unfurled with your
Piteous husband who knows nothing of the
earnings,yearnings of your Grecian Urn!Arti,
So you thought,you could ride the sky alone?
leaving me in the Boat,I`ll sink the Sky
Upturn the Boat,together we`ll sink,see,sing!

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