Ahmad Al_khatat

Love For One Night

I started writing poems since I was ten years old, Most of my poems are free verse or proses.Which talked about sad dark and wild romance .Even some ones talking politics.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prose_poetryhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_verse ahmad4all_2@hotmail.comMontreal - Canada Thank …

Such a great love that last for one night with us,
All lovers get emotions and carrying within one heart.

I forgot my age, my birth date, once you touched me,
It did explain to me why I'm not hesitating of loving you.

Was I really melting of watching you playing naughty with me?
You were the dove with a broken wing, with men perfume.

I tried to relive you, I forgot once you took your clothes off,
Such a great attractive body that worm my whole winter for months.

It dissolved lots of snowmen, into real thirsty men seeking
After me, yet you believed our love was one night stand with no longing.

You cuddled me softer, where I felt the luckiest woman,
You held my two hands, my eyes were opened of your loving breath.

For one night I felt speechless nor a sleepless woman,
Your lips kissed my moist lips of biting my own of your serious moves.

You were the first to kiss my c*nt, without thinking ahead,
Our love was so blessed that church bells didn't operated after our sin.


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