Kumar Kamal

Love Call

DAYNA four legs;Danielle lotus flame
Whisper like the West Wind
Dances like lily,rose
Darkness falls,darkdess falls
The love dart pierces its pleasure pot
She moans,she falls
She scratches me like a tigress on love brawl
You are the only doll of my Dukedom!
O such is the lustdesire of her tulip ages
Betwix 21/19
Filled to the tip w/ lovelips hungry
How can you deny;how can you defy the over
Empowering,the overflowing youthful sream
Has to fed,tamed and trimmed sometimes
Or else the Heaven shall cry
Inundating the Earth w/ the tears of virgin
Arti arrived
Tears trickle down her eyes;ARTI CRIES

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