Harry Gaither


Life has many highs and Lows,
Sometimes, you wonder where to go.
You may win, You may lose,
It all depends on what you choose.
Choices made in your life,
Can lead to peace, or lead to strife.
The choices You Must make,
Decide the path that you will take.
If you take a wrong path along the way,
Just ask the Lord to show the way.
He will show the path you need to take,
Just follow him for Heaven's sake.
We all make mistakes from day to day,
We don't always know just what to say.
But when we ask the Lord above,
He will say the answer's LOVE.
LOVE is the key in our life.
LOVE will take away the strife.
So when you're feeling down and out.
Remember,LOVE,is what life is all about.

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