Amir Samji


It is a divinely gift, no matter how you feel
It comes on its own, no need of any deal
 Visualize itself to be with someone to heal
No matter what you say, finally its appeal

Bless on those, who are sincere & sane
If sincerity prevails, they both gain
If invoke buts, and ifs, suffer pains
Is very humble, has wonderful name

If you become materialistic, feels pains
If you think of gains, you are insane
Listen to your heart, and use your brain
If attention diverted, relation are strained

We all are in search of light, and love
But look around, fall in worldly love!
Seek love, as it has its own strength
A jewel of human, an icon of peace

It is an asset of life, live with it
Its forgive in nature; be with it
Worth possessing, feel pride in it
Divinely in nature, see God in it