Joe fritz


The things that i write about are from personal experiences or from my heart, and even from my soul I love to read and write, I also write songs. Many of them

If the soul is infinite
Created to be immortal
How much love can one soul hold
Is it forever,can it stand the test of time
Is it a chemical reaction
That the body goes through
Can the soul be full of love
Is it aware
Doesit hurt the soul
When love is lost
How do we define
All that we love in life
Will love be there
When it is time
Does the soul love.........anyway
Can we take it with us
Will we know that we loved at all
Is this what makes up a soul
Unmitigated love
Pure love
How much love can one soul hold
All of it
Some of it
None of it
How do we know the love within a soul