Ayubkhan U

Lost and Regained

Hi this is Ayubkhan.U from Chennai-India. I am a Poet and Advertising Copywriter based at Chennai. I have written more than one hundred poems and posted the same in my various blogs. I am also a Softskill trainer specialized in Communication skill. I have written many Reviews, Short Stories and Chiā€¦

You're a poem as nice as a tender heart,
 The passionate one, so deep in thought!
 You spread the wings of fastest love,
 And sheltering me with warm embrace!

 While facing gives agony, endure; it gives ecstasy!
 A mixture of emotion, but lovable more often!
 From where it has come, your hand or heart!
 In search of truth I once lost, now regained!

 A Short Poem by Ayubkhan.U
 Source bestreviewsnarticles.blogspot.in/2012/04/lost-and-regained.html

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