Amir Samji

Little things to me a lot

Give a flying kiss when present not
Say, I look nice, when I am not
Touch my curly hair, silky and soft
You know little things to me a lot

Give me warmth of secret smile
Shower on me your love in style
So, I feel it on my body, and each tile
When you feel me, feel you with smile!

Write a line a day, when you're far away
Call me at six when you are busy anyway
I'm crazy, show me your face once a day
You know little things to me a lot, always

I have no craze for Diamonds, and Pearls
Diamonds are your eyes, sweet words are pearls
Love you with all my heart, being a simple girl
Mad in love, want to see in you beauty of pearls

Give me your hand when I have lost my way
Guide me to my destiny with liberty, wise way
Support me day and night like a laser beam ray
I want to go with you, though I know my way!