Rhonda Kabasso

Little Girl Born By The Sea

This little girl was born and raised by the sea,
What made her happy and kept her alive
was sitting by the water feeling the ocean breeze.

Her words were always, “I'll be alright alone because the sea keeps me warm.”
She caresses the voices of the sea “They will take care of me”

And when the wind blows through her hair
She laughs with chills and giggles through her teeth

This little girl, she's the lucky one because she owns the sea
No one else around her just the tides and the breeze

Her eyes glisten of light,
Even in the dark blackness of the night

She will always chant “see Jane run”
And if she had a camera she would click her memories hum.

This is her choice; the sea is where her heart is
This is where she is fulfilled and her sanity of will.

Waiting for nothing, but the silent anticipation
There is nowhere else in the world this little girl would rather be
Her and the voices, of the ocean and sitting by the sea.

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