Lena Smith Carter

Like Imari

Lena Smith Carter is an internationally traveled concert artist who has sung the poetry of the world in seven languages across America and around the world. She is a graduate of Central State University (OH) with a B. S. in Music Education, a graduate of Miami University (OH) with an M.Mus. in Perf…

The glass one, milk clear,
Translucent at its edges,
Like teeth that nature bestows
Smooth to their ridges.

The psyche then impacted
By a floral entity,
Driven to arrive on edge and fringe
Yet to its center central.

Hold it gently, do not falter,
For its fragility is fixate.
Mind the tensions you apply,
Tabletop linens await!

Many stare with focused gazes,
Soaking in its frangible beauty,
Velvet cloths would be insufficient,
To handle this true treasure!

c. by Lena Smith Carter--Poetic Universalisms II, 2006.

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