Bill Kurple

Life's Stage

The stage has been set again
 The players need not rehearse
 Their lines known by heart
 My performance likely the worse

 I am the only one that approaches unprepared
 While to all else-an identical set
 To me a new beginning
 Instead of a familiar circumstance

 The cast of players stared
 Knowing full well I would not understand
 That this will not be the final performance
 Repeated a thousand times- would be repeated again

 So the play resumed
 As boring to the cast as the prior and that before
 As I stumbled from metaphor to desperate hint
 Lost-confused-hope- something to ignore

 The play ended the cast left in disgust
 What is my part in this endless play I screamed?!
 What lesson was I sent to learn?
 I sobbed in frustration-Please tell me my dream.

 But there was no answer
 At least not for me
 So the play will repeat
 For me—for eternity