Fred Lassonde

Life is Full of Ups and Downs by Fred M. Lassonde

Life is Full of Ups and Downs by Fred M. Lassonde
Life is like a Roller Coaster sometimes up
and sometimes down
Sometimes calm
and sometimes not
Hang in there and drink lifes cup
be brave but even be the Clown
but always seek our Heavenly Balm
who is the Lord while He may be sought
Yes, we have our Ups and we do come Down
So, keep the Faith and always Trust
as others are watching how we react
when we are Down and when we are Up
for we will go through it is a must
It is this way in this World and that is a fact
for trials are here and even Jesus drank the Cup
Sorrows and tribulations sadly are many
so hang in there and always praise God
for when our ride of life is over and we are gone
We will be remembered and how is up to us
Will we leave memories of Love, if any?
will others remember our Songs to God
will Love be our memorial to the One
Live with obedience to the Lord Jesus, it is a must
Yes. life is full of Ups and Downs
So, in God we must put our Trust
the day will come when we put on our White Gowns
Only our Savior will see us through
Only He will be there for us in the End
No one else or nothing else will ever do
Only Jesus our Body. Soul and Mind will mend!
So, please seek the Lord while He may be found
His name is Jesus and He will be there for you
Call on His name and and learn to expound
the Good News of Him ane what He can Do!
For in the end, when it is all said and done
all that we have and all we do is meaningless
unless we have pointed the way to the One
who people need, He being the Lord Jesus!