Amir Samji

Life is full of treasure; and pleasure

Look at life at every single step is full of treasure
It is bestowed on; for purpose; fun; and pleasure
You will not enjoy it; if happiness you measure
Live it with ethics of life; being wonderful creature

Every stage of life has a unique taste; and pleasure
With right combination; can make it better & better
You can enjoy life whether millionaire; or a waiter
You have to learn to enjoy fullest; in all weather

Once in lifetime; you get a chance to live as creature
With intellect you have to design it out being brainer
So you may not meet in life any difficulty; greater
Problems comes in but being planned; stand better

Great people passed thru hard phases but prove greater
Follow them to inspire to come out with something later
More you think with devotion; more learn with pleasure
With sincerity; intuition comes to unfold the treasure

First thing; love life to see colorful galaxy as starter
When you're in; intuitive inspiration makes you smarter
From there you can see nude dancing prospect to barter
Hug it with love; dance & romance to enjoy in all weather