Angela Neon Garcia

Life Beyond the Pale

Majored in Chemistry and Zoology at Miami University, Oxford Ohio. Wrote one scifi novel, Caviar Emptor, I have been writing poetry since 1973, Served in the United States Air Force 1974-1978, Served Army Reserve, 1980-1982

Colors running in the rain
Wet leaves play at my ankles
I missed the bus again
A dull aching rankles

Lover's gone out looking
For next year's model
Leaving me to be looking
For my next hour's bottle

I'm another year older
Weather's turning colder
And I haven't a clue
As to whom I am
As if I give a d*mn
We're stuck beyond the pale

Got a kick in the mouth
Handed me my head
And sent me packing South
Must've been something I said

I'm another year older...

Another dump another dive
I don't need more to drink
But put me in mode survive
I'm amazed I manage to think

I'm another year older...

Crawled in from the wild
Feeling like a naughty child
Going down in a shot
Of silky smooth Southern Comfort

Angela Garcia as NeonMosfet