Linda D. Blakely

Life As A Flower

I was born in West Virginia and raised in Kentucky. I've been writing poetry since high school and have been in many poetry circles on the internet. I am known in these circles as the "legendarylinda". I have won contests, received medals and many other merits for my poetry. I would love to travel …

In North Carolina I live with a famous author, a lady you see
She wanted a special plant for her home not another tree
A broken hand she had gotten from swatting at pesky bugs
She knew that my specialty was getting rid of these thugs

She is so busy writing poems wearing her thinking cap
Now, let me introduce myself, my name is Venus Flytrap
I'm a meat-eating predator, patiently I watch and wait
For flies, spiders, and crickets, in my mouth I have ate

A garden party we're having, the celebrities now appear
Basho brought his bamboo knowing he has nothing to fear
Soon, Issa arrives and bows with cherry blossom in hand
There's Shiki and Buson together; this party is so grand

Now, Yoko brought her walrus, saw me, and how they run
She thought I'd just sit in the garden, waiting for the sun
But it's all right now....for, I have learned a lesson well
You can't please everyone, so you've got to please yourself!