Edward Gonzalez

lies of today

I see love n life in new ways now that im truly awake these daysWich have led me to write with sway.

No more movies of magic to make
for the story of the news is freshly baked
to serve to all n all to partake
the mother is flooding
to the eye we are all drooling
the eternal party we are fooling
we want to try but we're afraid to die
a woman is swallowed by our shadow but we only cry
the daily information of progress is a lie
so why wait to search n bleed for truth says I
the light is glowing dim
I think their lying to us for him
to have hope as unfolding so thin
my vision is true
the world in flames
when it's really blue
why can't we stop with all these teams
why can't we join together to achieve our dreams
why is it a common enemy to our sickness we lean
to have been born in chains to green ideas of currency
status in the emotional animal kingdom basics is most urgency

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