Ayhan Diril

Let’s go to the funera

It was a snowy Tuesday
I was afraid to start the car.
Having just a few coins
I stepped on the bus.
The driver said
All I need is a ticket
I checked my pocket.
It was the first time
Money did not work.
He was such a jerk
I was asked to get off.
Nobody had an extra one.
It was no fun.
The situation was so bad.
Humanity was dead.
I asked the travellers
who were all students.
If they had an extra one.
In their hearts
Suddenly they had
The fire of knowledge.
They stared at their books.
There was a change in their looks.
The situation was so bad.
Humanity was dead.

There at work soon
Seeing the head I asked
if I could ask something
for a second or more.
He showed me the door
Saying he had no time
‘cos he was to reckon
some stupid sheets ahead.

Just saw another friend
Who is to go downtown
I asked him if he could give
Me a lift on the way
As it was an annoying day.
So preicious the car was
I could not see at first.
He said he had no room.
There in my heart
I felt a deep gloom.
The situation was so bad.
Humanity was dead.

I went to the fishmonger
In need of some delicious fish.
All the neighbours pressed their noses
When the fish was on the dish.
The smell was dreadful.
I asked myself why?
I got it at last
The situation was so dread.
Humanity was dead.

Let’s go to the funeral.
Humanity is dead.
Situation is bad.

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