Donna McNeil

Letting Go!!

I have liked writing poetry for as long as I could remember. I am inspired by many things when I write. I enjoy hearing the criticism of others poets, as it helps me to get better at what I love to do. I hope as you read my poems you feel inspired. Enjoy!!

Got a feeling inside of me, cant make up my mind,
Should I stay through the drama, or just leave you behind.
Should I move on with my future and just leave you in my past?
I know it wont be easy, I really thought that we would last.
Time has passed you dont change, I cant stand the pain,
I need sun in my life, need to get past all the rain.
You promised me a life full of happiness,
And now you seem to think that I will just settle for less.
You put a ring on my finger and we began our life,
But you never truly acknowledged that I am your wife.
You lie and you cheat, and you never come home,
Now I'm sitting here crying as I am writing this poem.
I need to find strength to get over you,
Although its a reality that it wont be easy to do
I have grown to love you, more than you could ever love me,
But I need to be strong, and set my heart free.
So next time you see me, I will have moved on with my life,
Free from the pain and heartache I had while being your wife