Mesut Selvi

Let Me Be Your Professor Doctor Love Master

I was born in Ankara, Turkey; i educated all of my primary, secondary, high schools and also 4 years English Departmanı of Gazi University in Ankara Türkiye/TURKEY. I worked as an English Teacher in different Level Government High Schools of different cities of TURKEY. Now adays, i and my family li…

Oh, my unique, don't fear to share your love and being real lover!
Imagine that your senses and love are a unique special flower,
And as long as you love, holy creator will keep alive your flower,
And your love will be the water of immortal love flower.

Don't permit people to manage your life and be a true lover.
Don't let your friends to pick up your unique colorful flower,
But don't jail it in a dome roof shelter cage to save it, either.
Let them love it eternally, to water and grow your love flower.

Don't fill your mind and body with doubt, fear, revenge, or anger.
Ugly senses turn your pure water into sharp poison in a tumbler.
Nasty feelings shoot various ominous arrows like a timid warrior.
Bad senses always splash away dirty waters like a clumsy plumber.

Your duty is doing your best whatever you do and love.
Your mission is to love everything and creatures with big love.
Accept everything with their beauties, ugliness, faults, and sins.
Announce to the world: Love was the best sense except your sins.

Let your feelings and love belong to the one who is deserving.
Let your heart be filled with unlimited happiness by your lover.
I'm kneeling before you to lecture and convince you as a tutor.
Let me be your professor doctor love master as your true lover.