Lennon-esque Musings and the Art of Wishful Thinking

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NOTE: 5 Feb 2011 - Dear All, I have deleted and then reinstated all my poems on my page so I could get rid of the bad atmosphere, 1-ratings and nasty tags there have been of late. I know this means I won't be in the leaderboard but that's OK.I …

I see you in places
no other soul inhabits
borne of complexity
striving to simply be...

yet each day found you
chasing the scent of memories
tripping over the present
in your haste to silence
ghosts of yesterday

I see you in clocks
who no longer sway
to the rhythm of your voice
their hands remain
raised in supplication
on rusted face
forever mourning
your passing

I see you
your lips tinged
in shades of regret
for the son
you left behind
now imprinted
with the scars
of your youth

I see you flawed
a man born
way before his time
dodging cracks
in a pavement of ideals
unaware humanity
could not live
your expectations

I see me folded
in wistful reflection
missing a man
I never met
one who haunts me
in the quiet hours
of morning
and all the moments