Farida Amin

Lazy people are always crazy (children poem)

Those who are the lazy,
With the people, they are always crazy.
Watch TV too much, get up too late;
Eat too much, become very fat.
Stay awake and read dirty magazine at night
Go to bed late and sleep too much on the day light.
With the people around them, they become very nasty
Never do any work or any good study.
They always think that they are powerful,
Actually they are the worst one, hate by all people.
Every one likes to stay away from them,
Because they care none except their desires;
What happens around them, they are never aware.
They are unsuccessful, sufferers and losers.
Can you find any solution for their affairs?
Yes, if they think of changing their habits,
Start following the good ones and caring others,
Surely they will be successful and get their profits;
Will be loved by the people and will get their cares.

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