Dumka Vincent

laying my best

I am a lover of poem.I love to read and write and my first letter was addressed to my headmaster,requested that he assist my mother to pay off my school exammination fee.At the age 6 years,I had already started writing my short story books.But though,some life experiences had also contributed towar…

,,,I had no regret doing my hearty cheers,
,,,my past is buried with absent of scars of agony,
,,,i feast on my tomorrow,
,,,dream about glowing like a bird.

,,,seeing like i have the world in my palm,
,,,exercising my interest is my desire,
,,,while criticising my duty,
,,,stengthens me.

,,,So rain it on me,your cocking stories,
,,,and color my name in black,
,,,take me into querries of un-found truth,
,,,judge your standing shadow that fell before you,

,,,But i remain my future,my hope is sprouting more,
,,,i will rise and sweat like i'm forced to,
,,,yet my focus takes me beyond,
,,,your imaginable nightmare,

,,,There!...up above the mountain top,
,,,shall i look down,seeing the crumbs of,
,,,my past then laughs....
,,,the harvest of my best.

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