Late Bloomer

I'm 13. I love Journey to the Past, Hey There Delilah, and Once Upon a December. I love the movies Scott Pilgrim VS The World and Anastasia."Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music." ~Ronald Reagan"Life's greatest tragedy is not that it will someday end, but that most only live to follow …

Guess I was a late bloomer.
That would explain why
When ever I met someone
I was cautious with "Hi,".

A little bud
Afraid to bloom, too.
Suddenly it was all better,
I had bloomed with you.

Now we were both late bloomers,
Afraid to be our selves along with the others.
Now we are caught up
Caught up with our brothers.

I love the way you're not afraid to shine,
Not afraid to be your self, none other.
Now we're both self actualized,
And we won't worry our mothers.

Please bloom some more with me,
Come with me to become a star.
Take my hand and follow me.
But I guess it doesn't matter 'cause we'll be together near and far.