Conrad Trudelle


I have been to more places than most people, I have done more things than most people, I have survived more things than most others have encountered. I have continually learned throughout this process and arrived at the conclusion that the differences we see keep us curious, and that keeps us aliveā€¦

Others have crossed the paths I've traveled
but they have never had
quite the impact on me that you have.
The beauty that radiates from you
both internally and externally
cause my heart to skip a beat
and the breath
to leave my chest in great haste.
When you enter my field of vision
it is as if the sun has exploded.
The air is saturated
with shards of multicolored light.
Your radience is reflected in each one.
The words with which I try to express my feelings
fall far short of the mark
to truly express what is felt.
It therefore becomes impossible to continue.
When next we meet look into my eyes
and hear what my heart says.