Kumar Kamal


Labonee and me dream and drinks
Holding each other tethered and tricked
beneath the shawl of late night love lights
Labonee and me seize and see love seasonal
greetings w/ our love liQuefying lips!
We melt, we mix the Urn of love lava with
our turns, twists
Labonee flies, labonee swims, labonee falls
labonee fleets, feeling the pangs of pleasure
betwix her feet!
I move in her as one beat
She takes me away, far, far, away, beyond the
barriers of all pain and pretence
And O there she sits me; and make me eats
her apples, cherry, champagne
I become immortal, I become immortal
I become so sweet sleepy, so sweet numb
She takes me in her arms, and I lie there
forever multiplying love numbers; gardening
Prem & Pleasure in her fun-fed-funnicle fern

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